Embroidery Dot Com has a logged a number of industry firsts; not the least of which is the installation of specialised laser cutting and engraving machines back in 2004. The laser application applied to embroideries leads to the most important aspect that customers require: extraordinary and unique products with reduction in turn-around time.

The laser device can cut and engrave any kind of tissue or fabric to achieve new effects:

Multi-layer moveable appliqués with no number limitation
Frayed or Aged effect on denim
Engraving effects
Floating Appliqués
Window Appliqués
Appliqués with clean visible cuts and much much more…

Designs can be produced in a combination of specialised appliqués, embroidery and engraving executed in one seamless operation. In 2019, we had acquired the first flatbed camera enabled laser machines, with a massive working area of up to 1.5 metres.

Our laser machines satisfy the demands of an evolving market that requires high quality and innovative solutions!