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Specialising in: Caps & Promotional Items, Appliqués, Laser Cutting & Engraving, Sequins, Cornelly, Beading, Tufting, Chenille and much more.
Appliqué is often described as decoration or trimming that is cut from one piece of fabric and stitched to another. Its purpose is to add dimension and texture, and for centuries embroiderers have used it to complement embroidery. It certainly gives a higher perceived value to an embroidered design since it reduces the overall stitch count and allows for the creation of cost-effective, full-size graphics with interesting textures and effects that would be impossible to create with direct embroidery alone. Appliqués provide the perfect alternative to larger, more costly embroidery projects.

We can offer you appliqué designs that are multi-layered, floating, window-cut, frayed edge or even distressed. When your creative juices are flowing, any fabric can be used as your appliqué - even mesh, printed or sheer fabrics like organza and chiffon. The possibilities are endless!

Embroidery Dot Com is the pioneer of sequin embellishments, here in South Africa. We had introduced automated sequin embroidery to the fashion industry, in 2005.

The sequin devices on our embroidery machines are electronically operated to strategically place the sequins onto your fabrics. Designs can be executed in up to two colours of sequins and/or in two different sizes, in one seamless operation. We stock sequins in a variety of colours, geometric shapes and sizes viz. 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 9mm and even 18mm. We can also offer you off-centre sequins to create reversible two-colour sequin embellishments.

Our sequins are imported directly from our trusted overseas partners who are constantly updating their products based on the latest international trends. The bling of the sequins and the fashion-oriented designs they produce, are true Show Stoppers!

Embroidery Dot Com has a logged a number of industry firsts; not the least of which is the installation of specialised laser cutting and engraving machines back in 2004. The laser application applied to embroideries leads to the most important aspect that customers require: extraordinary and unique products with reduction in turn-around time.

The laser device can cut and engrave any kind of tissue or fabric to achieve new effects:

Multi-layer moveable appliqués with no number limitation
Frayed or Aged effect on denim
Engraving effects
Floating Appliqués
Window Appliqués
Appliqués with clean visible cuts and much much more…

Designs can be produced in a combination of specialised appliqués, embroidery and engraving executed in one seamless operation. In 2019, we had acquired the first flatbed camera enabled laser machines, with a massive working area of up to 1.5 metres.

Our laser machines satisfy the demands of an evolving market that requires high quality and innovative solutions!
Chenille, from the French word meaning “fuzzy caterpillar”, is a type of embroidery made from loops of yarn, resulting in a finished design with a soft, fuzzy appearance. The marketplace, in its never-ending search for something new and different, is rediscovering the world of chenille.

Chenille embellishments are produced on specialised machinery and demands size. The amount of design detail is directly proportional to the design size - The smaller the design size, the lesser the detail. The promotional products industry also makes use of chenille for sweat shirt emblems, or direct chenille-embroidery applications.

There’s a whole new world just waiting to be explored! Stunning results can be achieved when liberal amounts of both chenille and embroidery are incorporated into a single, well-integrated design.
The first successful industrial chain stitch machine was developed in the early 1860’s by Antoine Bonnaz. The Bonnaz patent was later acquired by Ercole Cornely, in a factory in Paris. Cornely developed a hook-shaped needle that could make a line of chain stitches.

Cornely designs are created by sewing a tape, cord or even a rope in a desired shape or pattern. The tape is wound onto a specialised bobbin and fed directly under the needle as the machine sews out the design. Our machines have coiling and fill coiling possibilities and are equipped with a zigzag swing function which gives us the capability of sewing even beads on a string. Stunning decorative embellishments can be achieved with a combination of Cornely and embroidery, which makes for a high street fashionable product that goes the extra mile in stores.
Few Organisations are as committed to work as hard as Embroidery Dot Com to earn your business and trust. We provide a variety of custom embroidery options that you can choose from to create a great looking product; from caps, golfers, t-shirts, work wear and promotional items to just about anything. Just tell us what you need and let us put our resources and experience to work for you!

Embroidered headwear can make employees and customers walking billboards for your brand. We can embroider on a full 270 degrees onto caps using a variety of stitch techniques and 3D applications. It is the careful combination of fabric, colour, style, comfort and embroidery that adds value to your business.

Our extensive supplier relationships allow us to offer products that are of the highest quality. With larger volume orders, we can also explore custom manufacturing possibilities. Please feel free to contact us for an obligation free quote.
Embroidery Dot Com offers a comprehensive digitising service to embroidery manufacturers, both locally and abroad. Every design is meticulously re-created, paying careful attention to detail and keeping production efficiencies in mind.

The creativity of our artists and designers ensure that even the simplest of designs stand out from the crowd, and their specialised skills enable them to design or adapt any visual you may have in mind. Although we prefer high resolution vector graphic files, artworks are accepted in all formats.

To ensure quality of the highest standard, we sew-out each design and guarantee a smooth running program that minimises trims, thread breaks and unnecessary colour changes. After careful examination, the file is emailed to you. We know that the embroidery industry can be very demanding at times - Therefore, we can also offer you a 24-hour rush service at no extra cost.