Embroidery Dot Com is the pioneer of sequin embellishments, here in South Africa. We had introduced automated sequin embroidery to the fashion industry, in 2005.

The sequin devices on our embroidery machines are electronically operated to strategically place the sequins onto your fabrics. Designs can be executed in up to two colours of sequins and/or in two different sizes, in one seamless operation. We stock sequins in a variety of colours, geometric shapes and sizes viz. 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 9mm and even 18mm. We can also offer you off-centre sequins to create reversible two-colour sequin embellishments.

Our sequins are imported directly from our trusted overseas partners who are constantly updating their products based on the latest international trends. The bling of the sequins and the fashion-oriented designs they produce, are true Show Stoppers!