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When a new form of embellishment becomes available it is always headline news, and so… Tufting, definitely deserves your attention. And by the way, we are the only embroidery manufacturer in South Africa with this brand new technology.

Allow us to introduce Tufting - a new technique for decorating garments! Based on standard embroidery, tufting creates a full three dimensional effect allowing the thread to stand up as if to attention. With the combination of the correct threads and specialized embroidery machinery, tufting results in a stunning raised effect that will excite and amaze designers all over the world.

Tufting is a process of inserting pile yarn into a backing material and was previously only associated with carpet production. This stitch technique is executed on highly specialised embroidery machinery. After each penetration of the needle, a loop is formed. A special tufting device cuts the threads at very high speeds, so that two loose ends emerge. By cutting these loops, piles become velour. This forms the basis of the soft pile. Depending on the chosen yarn, pile height and pile density; the look and feel can be designed according to one's individual taste. In contrast to conventional stitching where the embroidery appears right-side up, the tufting process requires the embroidery to be sewn onto the wrong side of the fabric through a piece of heat-resistant, closed cell foam.

The finished decoration is durable and will withstandlaundering although extra care needs to be taken when ironing a garment. This is a technique that demands attentionfrom both the design and the finished article points of view. Tufting can be used on children's wear, ladies wear, lingerie, linens such as towels or robes, sports wear etc. The list just goes on and on…

So the next time you need to create or conceptualise a new design, ask our team of highly skilled professionals to incorporate tufting in the design - You'd be totally amazed at how the tufting process delivers added value to a garment or accessory by virtue of its totally unique look and feel.

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