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The advent of sequin devices on embroidery machines has added some dazzle to the clothing industry. The bling-bling of the sequins and the fashion-oriented designs they produce are true Show Stoppers! All major embroidery machine manufacturers have invested heavily in sequin technology in the past few years and are continually updating this specialised field of embellishment. This further supports our view that sequin are here to stay, for a very very long time...

We introduced sequin embroidery to the clothing industry here in South Africa in 2004. By the first quarter of 2005, the demand for this type of embellishment grew substantially to such an extent that warranted further investment of more machines. To date, our sequin division has a total of 11 multi-head sequin machines incorporating 106 heads.

The sequin device on embroidery machines is hydraulically operated, using a combination of air and feed to strategically place the sequins onto the fabric. We can execute designs that have normal embroidery mixed with sequin highlights or a design created entirely with sequins - The choice is yours. We also stock sequins in a variety of colours, sizes, and geometric shapes. You may choose from plain, matt, holographic or reflective sequins. We offer sequins in either 3mm or 5mm derivatives with the latter, being the most popular. 3mm sequins are more widely used on outlining objects and on fills. Sequins can also be seen in home textiles as a decorative accent for pillows and table treatments.

So why not put us to the test... Let our team of creative designers add that sparkle to your design. You would be amazed at how much a little dazzle, can do for your design…

Bling - It's, OUR thing!

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