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Laser Cutting and Engraving

Embroidery Dot Com has a logged a number of industry firsts, not the least of which is the installation of specialised GMI laser cutting and engraving machines in 2003. The laser device applied to embroideries leads to the most important aspect that customers require:

Extraordinary and unique products with reduction in turn-around time.

The laser can cut and engrave any kind of tissue or fabric to achieve new effects…

Sequin effects of several sizes & patterns.

Multi-layer moveable appliqués with no number limitation.

Frayed or Aged effect on denim.

Engraving effects.

Floating Appliqués.

Window Appliqués.

Appliqués with clean visible cuts and much much more…

Appliqués are cut and engraved directly on the embroidery machine guaranteeing maximum speed and precision. Appliqués can be cut at a specific distance from the running stitches (or any other stitch function) in order to get a precise border. The laser device avoids useless production downtime as appliqués do not have to be cut by hand any longer, as still executed by most embroidery companies. Production time is reduced on average by up to 70 percent due to the high speed of the laser device which can operate up to 6 metres per second

Thanks to the galvanometric laser device and the frame movements, all problems caused by misplacement of the fabric are completely eliminated. Designs are cut at a much higher precision than standard systems - (1/100 of mm instead of 1/10 of mm). This is possible by controlling the laser power variation with the control software.

When engraving denim, the laser engraving process actually burns the fabric, producing a worn look. This engraving method is used widely for etching wear marks on to jeans. Engraving can be applied to most fabrics and the result is dependant on the actual fabric make-up.

Designs can be produced in a combination of specialised appliqués, embroidery and engraving in the same process. This is made possible due to the laser device and embroidery machine working in sync, guaranteeing accurate registration. To date, we are the only embroidery manufacturer in the entire African continent with this type of technology.

Our laser devices satisfy the demands of a market that requires:
High Quality and Innovative Solutions.

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