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Appliqué is often described as decoration or trimming that is cut from one piece of fabric and stitched to another. Its purpose is to add dimension and texture, and for centuries embroiderers have used it to complement embroidery. It certainly gives a higher perceived value to an embroidered design since it reduces the overall stitch count and allows for the creation of cost-effective, full-size graphics with interesting textures and effects that would be impossible to create with direct embroidery alone. Appliqués provide the perfect alternative to larger, more costly embroidery projects.

Depending on the chosen appliqué piece, the look and feel of the embroidery can be designed according to one's individual taste. Fashion is always in motion. And hence today, we have designs that are screen printed on after the embroidery process - Previously, it was the other way around. This new technique creates a distressed look more suitable for casual and sportswear. You may even use appliqués to add colour and depth to your designs. Or perhaps, incorporate the appliqué in your design from behind the base cloth rather than on top of the fabric. This is termed a window appliqué since the ground fabric is cut revealing the hidden appliqué.

We can offer you appliqués that have a frayed edge, that are multi-layered, floating or perhaps and appliqué that has been attached using a row of sequins, instead of the traditional satin stitches. The possibilities are limitless. When your creative juices are flowing, any fabric can be used in your appliqués - even mesh or sheer fabrics like organza or chiffon!

Only our highest quality embroidery threads are combined with a multitude of fabrics to create your masterpiece. Whatever your requirement, our versatile designers can offer you a variety of custom options that will not only add value to your product, but save you money too!

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