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The Company

Embroidery Dot Com is today, the largest embroidery manufacturer in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. Offering a one-stop complete solution to all your embroidery needs, our company's success is based on a winning combination of creativity and flexibility on the one hand, and precision and technology on the other, while production is continuously adapted to market requirements. Our close customer contact is the essential basis for fast reaction to the needs of our customers in the marketplace.

We have consistently positioned ourselves as the best and most modern production house in the embroidery industry. Our annual travels abroad, in search of new technology and trends; has enabled us to offer a wide variety of specialized services ranging from Caps & Promotional Items, Appliqués, Laser Cutting & Engraving, Sequins, Cornelly, Beading, Tufting, Chenille and much much more. Fashion and Technology go hand in hand.

The Director

The Director of Embroidery Dot Com achieved qualifications ranging from Computer Science and Graphic Design to Embroidery Design and Production Management obtained at the prestigious gunold+stickma Training Institute in Stockstadt, Germany. He has been consistently recognised for delivering continued quality service and products of global standards. Merge hands-on leadership style to continually drive focused teams toward performance excellence and you get:
An eye for quality... A passion for excellence.

The Staff

With a staff compliment that reflects the changing face of South Africa, we employ a select group of highly skilled individuals. This relatively low figure, despite the size of the plant and volume of capacity, is due to the high level automation of the equipment in the factory.

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